Paul Kokhanevich


Paul Kokhanevich, graduated in 2004 with a high school diploma, from East High School with honors and was able to start from nothing and create a multi-million dollar construction business with his brother. Today Paul provides management and sales services in the construction industry. Paul’s passion for serving and giving back to his community is evident in his involvement in various organizations and his dedication to his family and business. He has effective communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills along with his flu entity in Ukrainian, Russian, and English. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Paul is an active member of the Ukrainian community in Erie. Mr. Kokhanevich is doing everything he can to help his loved ones from afar. Currently, he is a board member & treasurer Erie for Ukraine, manages finances and supervises activities of the organization. Paul also manages finances for the church grace Slavic Pentecostal church as head treasurer.  He is also a devoted family man, married with four children. With the knowledge and experience gained by working in the Erie community, he strives to help other Ukrainians that are starting out in the same position he was once in. For Pau, the crisis in Ukraine is hitting close to home and is both heartbreaking and overwhelming.